Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Toy Review: Bandai Ultra Monsters Bemular and King Joe

It's been a while since my last post, and I apologise for this, if only to myself.  I had wanted to try to put up a couple reviews a week, but a rather large project at work has taken up most of my time and energy lately.  Things should begin to settle down now to allow me some ability to focus on t-o-y-s!

Today's post is something of a continuation of my Ultra Monsters Zetton and Dada review in that the two toys I'm reviewing are from the same line, and also gifted to me on my birthday by my other brother and his wonderful wife.  These are not vintage vinyl toys, though they represent characters from a television show that is now nearly fifty years old.  Please see the above review for a description of the Ultraman show(s) from which the monsters Bemular and King Joe originate.

First up is Bemular, a giant monster from the very first episode of Ultraman.  Bemular is basically the wall-eyed dumb cousin of Godzilla.  He's supposedly more than a 160 feet tall and has fiery breath, though that seems to be about the extent of his unique attributes.  The toy does represent what I remember from the show pretty well, even down to the baggy underbelly and spindly arms of what is clearly a "guy-in-a-suit" monster. 

This figure really does have quite a bit of sculpted detail and nice paint accents.  There are a mixture of different metallic paint sprays over his surface that help pick out the various protrusions and scales, and the mouth and eyes have been precisely painted as well.

Bemular's lower parts are mostly awash in gold.

The paint spray on his back is a metallic greenish-blue that just looks fantastic.

Bemular really looks like he's been in the ring one time too many with his enemy Ultraman.  The tongue lolls and his eyes point in opposite directions.  These sort of vinyl figures are usually simple constructions with little articulation, and Bemular can just barely move his head and arms.  Anyone want a hug?

Similarly metallic and bereft of posability is another of Ultraman's enemies, King Joe.  Old Joe comes from the Ultra Seven show that aired a year after Ultraman.  King Joe is a conglomerate being made up of four smaller spaceships that merge into a giant robot.  His coloration is a pale gold, with rainbow panels on his chest, and some darker gold accents.

Just look at that face!  Does he seem the least bit menacing?

Joe's birthing hips don't help engender any greater sense of danger.

Really, neither do his stiff C-3PO arms.

Joe's got a look that could be pulled straight from the days of the Solid Gold Dancers.  He does have an appearance of maybe being just about to break into a song and dance routine.

King Joe has the sort of articulation that might make for good disco dancing.  His arms can swivel at the shoulder and his hips can turn slightly.  He's no John Travolta, but he tries.

"Boogie down, Bemular!"

"You were looking especially lovely on the dance floor, Bems.  Wanna get a drink?"  Don't fall for that swindler's lines, Bemular!  

Well, that's all for today folks.  Bemular and King Joe are perfect representations of just how goofy the monsters were in the various Ultraman shows.  I personally think they're awfully cool, and I do love the fact that these are just toys made for kids.  Thanks to my brother and sister-in-law for their supercool gift!